IONITY completes six new 350kW EV charger installs

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has worked with IONITY for the installation of six high-power chargers at the Extra Motorway Services’ area on the M25.

The 350kW chargers – which are to use 100% green energy – have now been successfully installed at the Cobham Services, although UKPN pointed to the challenges of working in motorway service areas, including managing traffic flow.

As a result, UKPN undertook some of the works on the chargers outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption for customers. Tom Atkinson, senior project designer at UKPN, stated the DNO is “delighted with the outcome” of the installations.

IONITY rapid charge points at Leeds Skelton Lake Services (Image: IONITY)

IONITY rapid charge points at Leeds Skelton Lake Services (Image: IONITY)

UKPN is hoping to continue the “success with this kind of electrical connection” and working with various key players to develop a portfolio of projects.

IONITY is currently working with Extra MSA to rollout high-power charging across its motorway service stations, with the partnership between the two first announced in June 2019.

In April 2020, it opened the first site to feature six of its new 350kW chargers, which have a new design and improved functionality. It ordered 324 of the chargers from ABB in January 2020.

David Metcalfe, rollout manager at IONITY, said that the UK “needs high-power charging stations” to support the transition to net zero transport and that as these chargers are rolled out “it’s crucial that local distribution network operators can quickly and efficiently deliver new large connections”.

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  1. Paul M


    it’s great that these are appearing as an alternative to Ecotricity/Electric Highway, but at 69p/kWh the cost is prohibitive.

    69p/kWh at 3.5mi/kWh is about 20p/mile.

    My old 2L diesel Qashqai could manage 42mi/gallon, at £6/gallon that’s 15p/mile.

    This means there’s not much incentive to go green. If the price was similar, lets say 55p/kWh then at least it’d be breaking even!

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