Long Range University Adventure 2

[Part 1]

We arrived at Liverpool University with plenty of charge but since the car would have to be sat still most of the day it seemed worthwhile to put it on to slow charge. Having dropped the family at the edge of the campus I drove to the Women’s Hospital to park up. I plugged in to the CYC charger in the car park there – one of the few in Liverpool – and walked to the campus.

Although things started well, I was later notified by the BMW I Remote app on my phone that charging had stopped due to an error. I ignored it but after the university visit was over and we headed home I found that not only had the charging stopped early but the charging cable was half hanging out the charge point – something I didn’t think was possible. Anyway, no harm was done; as even with an incomplete charge the i3 still had about 100 miles of range. That was plenty to start heading home with.

We stopped at Keele services on the way home and charged while eating dinner. That got us home with loads of charge to spare, even driving at 70mph (something I would rarely do in the old ZOE). A definite thumbs-up for the new longer-range i3!

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