Renault unveils a unique documentary: The Electric People

[Note that although the video is in French, you can switch on Captions and through the YouTube Settings button you can set it to auto-translate to English]


From 8 to 28 July 2015, Sandra Reinflet (writer, singer and photographer) and Mathilde Terrier (journalist) took ZOE out on a most unusual Tour de France. The challenge would be to find electricity for charging the car every 150 kilometres along the way, with the help of the growing community of ZOEnautes and other electric car buffs. The three-week adventure gave rise to a documentary portraying this pioneering movement, along with its values and its commitment to progress and the environment.

For COP21, an event on which it is an official partner, Renault is proud to unveil this unique film, which will also be shown at the major climate conference.

Summer 2015, Sandra and Mathilde set out into uncharted territory with their Renault ZOE, roaming the roads throughout the country and knocking on the doors of total strangers, members of the electric vehicle movement. A strong community spirit would ensure there was always a power outlet available for recharging their batteries.

It was an original way to show that you can go far with an electric car, and meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

You can view the whole film on this remarkable journey at

See these videos for more on Renault France YouTube channel:
– trailer:
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– film :

It paints portraits of these electric vehicle pioneers. They’re all very different, but what they have in common is that they’ve stopped being mere bystanders and decided to take an active part in the shift toward environmental responsibility.

For some behind-the-scenes insights into this unique experience, don’t miss Sandra Reinflet’s talk at the COP21 Solutions exhibition in the Grand Palais, from 11:30 to 12:00 on Saturday 5 December.

Source: Renault Media

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