Fleet of electric cars to take to the town’s roads

An electric car club which aims to get residents in the new Elmsbrook development in North West Bicester to use environmentally friendly transport has been launched.

One of the new electric cars in the new e-car fleet for Elmsbrook development in Bicester

One of the new electric cars in the new e-car fleet for Elmsbrook development in Bicester

The car club, which sees Fabrica by A2Dominion working with North Oxford BMW, Fleetdrive Electric and E-Car Club, will be in place for Elmsbrook’s first residents.

The club will consist of two cars, a BMW i3, sponsored by North Oxford BMW and a Renault Zoe, sponsored by A2Dominion, although the number of cars in the fleet will rise as more residents move in.

A2 Dominion is aiming to reduce the number of local journeys made by petrol/diesel cars from 67.5 per cent to 50 per cent by 2026.

Louise Caves, NW Bicester strategic partnership manager said:

“We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Fleetdrive Electric, North Oxford BMW and E-car to help achieve our sustainable travel targets.

“By working together it will give Elmsbrook residents unparalleled choice when it comes to alternative modes of travel and access to test drives and trial periods on a number of different electric vehicles.”

She added they were aiming for 10 per cent of the development’s residents to switch to electric or hybrid cars by 2017. The developer hopes to achieve this through measures including a travel plan co-ordinator, a community bus service and bicycle stores for every home.

E-Car will be managing the club and Elmsbrook residents will receive half-price lifetime membership with A2Dominion subsidising five hours free use for every resident.

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