High demand for free electric car loan to Milton Keynes businesses

After Milton Keynes Council’s electric vehicle partner Chargemaster Plc announced that it was offering a free electric vehicle loan service to Milton Keynes businesses – the company has seen a surge of interest, with the vehicles now being in ‘high demand.’

Chargemaster has a small fleet of electric vehicles (EV) that can be loaned to companies (and their staff) within Milton Keynes to allow them to experience an electric vehicle for themselves and to see what the benefits of electric motoring are.

A Renault Zoe and two Nissan Leafs are available for loan to MK companies. No charges are levied and companies have the free use of over 200 charging points in the Milton Keynes area including 56 rapid chargers which recharge these cars in less than 30mins.

Businesses in Milton Keynes are being given the opportunity to test out electric cars

Businesses in Milton Keynes are being given the opportunity to test out electric cars

Loan cars are available typically for two weeks at a time and are subject to availability on a first come first served basis.

Chargemaster require copies of drivers’ driving licences but otherwise there is no formal paperwork to complete.

This is a great way for companies to sample the benefits of EVs for themselves without having to buy a vehicle first.

With over 20 electric cars on the market from manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Audi, Renault and Nissan, there is a lot more choice within the EV market.

Over the next five years it is predicted that EVs are likely to become the mainstream vehicle with virtually every car manufacturer producing either plug-in hybrids or pure electric EVs with increasing range of over 150 miles.

Electric vehicles provide huge benefits such as low fuel costs, quieter engines and low emissions which will improve air quality in the city.

There are also considerable economic benefits for both companies and employees with very low benefit in kind taxes.

For further information contact Trevor via email (sales@fuelincluded.com).

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