Volkswagen e-Golf Knocks Nissan LEAF Out Of #1 Electric Car Sales Spot In Europe (Image: EagleAID)

Top 5 best Electric Cars

Electric cars are getting better all the time, making them a more realistic proposition for more people. These are currently our experts’ favourite five More and more people are coming to realise that an electric a car is a genuine proposition for 21st-centrury motoring. With increasing amounts of us living in the city or the

Electric cars dominate Driver Power 2016, the UK’s biggest car satisfaction survey

Tesla Model S tops Driver Power 2016 with highest-ever satisfaction rating, with Renault ZOE in second and four hybrids in the top ten British car owners who’ve taken the plunge and bought electric cars are raving about them, according to Driver Power 2016. This year’s car ownership survey – now in its 15th year –


Tesla’s all-electric flagship Model S gives you range confidence. The 20th Century failed to deliver several high profile science fiction promises: jetpacks exist but are impractical, flying cars never worked, and working androids are still yet to arrive outside of a Japanese technology conference. The 21st Century is doing a little better. It’s now possible

Tesla Model S Drivetrain

Tesla Drivetrain Engineer Explains Why Electric Motors Are Inherently Superior To Gas Engines

Fortune interviewed Dustin Grace, who for nine years was working on drivetrains at Tesla Motors, and earlier this year switched to electric bus maker Proterra by becoming their director of battery engineering. Grace shared his opinion about the advantages of electric motors over internal combustion engines. We listed some of the main topics, but full