Fully Charged Checks Out Longer Range 30 kWh Nissan LEAF – Video Review

Nissan recently demonstrated the new 30 kWh LEAF to journalists in France. Among the various media outlets was Fully Charged with Robert Llewellyn impressed by the longer range LEAF. According to latest episode, it’s worth buying the 30 kWh version, as you’ll definitely notice the difference in range compared to 24 kWh – reasonably about

Electric vehicles: How are they charged, are they cheap to run and what will happen to road tax?

With a 10-point plan for a “green industrial revolution” announced, Boris Johnson has announced that sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be phased out by 2030. It aims to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles to cut climate emissions and local air pollution, as part of the 10-point plan. The plan

Demand for used electric cars grows

Second-hand EV sales double in last quarter, so what’s driving used demand as new electric sales falter? A spike in demand for used EVs has been reported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which says the number of pre-owned battery electric vehicles (BEVs) changing hands doubled in the third quarter of this year. A rise of 99.9

Shock of the old: the amazing, infuriating history of the electric car – in pictures

Believe it or not, battery-powered vehicles have been around since Victorian times – everything from private automobiles to taxis, ambulances and tricycles. We’ve got the photos to prove it The history of the electric car is surprisingly enraging. If you imagine early electric vehicles at all (full disclosure: I didn’t until recently), it will probably

A standards war? A win for consumers? What the Ford and GM Tesla deals mean

And imagine if EV charging eventually follows the gas station model. The news that rocked the electric transportation world earlier this month — General Motors’ deal to give its drivers access to the Tesla Supercharger network — is no doubt a big turning point for EVs in the U.S. It followed an identical deal in May between Ford