Kia Soul EV second only to Model S in driving autonomy

In my previous post about EVTEC’s four-port 100+ kiloWatt DC Fast Charging station, there’s a little footnote that deserves more attention — the Kia Soul EV supports 100 kiloWatt DC Fast Charging via CHAdeMO. The Kia Soul EV is getting strong reviews, with Kia making it available in several European countries, in Canada, and several

EV charge point manufacturers revise offers and pricing for home units

[From 9 April] With the Office of Low Emissions (OLEV) updating it’s EV Homecharge scheme at the start of next week, many charge point manufacturers have revised their offers on electric car charging points. Although, the government will still be supporting the installation of charging points at homes across the UK, the grant has been

Nissan e-NV200 electric van and Leaf electric car (Image: Nissan)

Carlos Ghosn On Electric Car Range, Price & More – Video

When the topic of discussion is electric cars and the individual doing most of the talking is Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, we watch and listen. We think you should too. “Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer at Renault, talks with Caroline Hyde about the growth of electric car technology, why development of autonomous vehicles will take

Sonnenspeicher features an intelligent management system that automatically controls the charging and discharging current (Image: ASD)

Never pay an electricity bill again: Smart battery lets you use solar energy at NIGHT

Sonnenspeicher was designed by Wolfram Walter and German firm ASD Its lithium iron phosphate battery stores energy from solar panels Cheapest model is €8,450 (£6,170), but it will save money on electricity bills It also comes with ‘intelligent management system’ that controls current  In the past year solar power in the UK has more than

Hertz introduces the new 100% electric Nissan LEAF to its fleet in London

The latest zero-emission Nissan LEAF can be driven in London with unlimited mileage for less than the price of a one day, all-zone London Travelcard The Hertz Corporation has introduced the latest 100% electric Nissan LEAF model to its fleet at its main London locations, providing tourists and local residents with an affordable and sustainable

Kia Soul EV (Image: Kia America)

2015 Kia Soul EV Turns at Least One Cynic into a Hipster Hamster Lover

What blew me away most about my week-long test drive of the all-electric 2015 Kia Soul EV was despite the boxy exterior, booming sound system and man-size hamster ads that scream BOOMPF-BOOMPF-BOOMPF, DOOIT-DOOIT-DOOIT, what stood out most was the quiet, ultra-smooth ride. Surely those young ‘uns stopped alongside me at red lights thinking to themselves