Renault ZOE Price Increase

There is a rumour going around that Renault will be increasing the cost of the ZOE significantly after 30 June, in other words there will be new prices from Friday.


The figure suggested is about £30 per month, so a big rise.

The report is as yet unconfirmed, but of course it ties in with the start of the next sales quarter so it is credible.

It also matches our experience of the prices rising every couple of months so far during 2016.

For example we have previously reported price changes as follows:

These were all about two months apart so the next increase occurring in early July would be consistent with these previous events.

If the amount of increase is correct, however, then it’s significantly more than we’ve seen before.

As ever, we will report as soon as we have any more information. Until then, our current prices are here: Renault ZOE Offers.

Update 6 July 2016: The price increase happened just as predicted, and it was pretty big at around £30 per month. As we’ve said before, if you’re thinking of getting a ZOE you should do it quickly as its price is going up rapidly.

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