VW says Golf GTE plug-in hybrid offers the ‘best of both worlds’

Volkswagen says its Golf GTE plug-in hybrid offers eco-friendly buyers the “best of both worlds” — a compact hatchback that can be driven up to 50km in cities using electric power or up to 940km on highways with additional power from its gasoline engine.

The Golf GTE is VW’s second plug-hybrid after the low-volume XL1. Others will follow, including a Passat plug-in hybrid. VW is touting the Golf GTE’s sportiness. The plug-in has the same performance as a Golf GTI and is “both eco-friendly and sporty,” said Hans-Jacob Neusser, VW brand’s r&d head.

VW says the Golf GTE will complement the all-electric e-Golf, which went on sale in February. The e-Golf has a maximum range of 190km so it is more suited to urban driving than long distances, VW says. The Golf GTE costs 2,000 euros more than the 34,900 euro e-Golf in Germany. VW is not disclosing any production or sales forecasts for the Golf GTE.

Neusser said the car can be built on the same production lines as other Golfs so the company can react very flexibly to demand. IHS Automotive forecasts that VW will sell 24,233 Golf GTEs next year, with volume reaching a peak of 52,356 in 2021. VW says the Golf compact family now has the widest choice of powertrains in the segment with the GTE adding to the gasoline, diesel, CNG and EV versions.

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    Very appealing car, performance aspects with environmental aspects, Volkswagen seem to have done a really good job on this one.

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