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Electric Car Day – A great Success for our Milton Keynes Multi-Car Test Drive Event

With support from Nissan, Renault and BMW, we hosted our first Milton Keynes multi-brand electric car day at our offices in Milton Keynes.

In a packed two and a half hours of pre-booked drives over twenty people enjoyed the thrills and spills of electric car driving, with 2 Nissan Leafs, 2 BMW i3’s, 1 Renault ZOE and one Nissan EV-200 electric van.

This is the first of many. Please contact us if you have an office that would benefit from a multi-car test drive event.

Facebook Live Video from a BMW i3 test drive

Video walkaround of a couple of our Cars available for test

Leaf, i3 and EV-200


ZOE Winter Testing

ZOE it’s cold outside (or how I got my heating working)

♪ ♫ When the weather outside is frightful

the ZOE’s not so delightful

but now I know what to do

my fingers aren’t quite so blue! ♫♪

OK, I know we are past the month of December but with the current cold snap I am elated to finally have the answer to my winter woes. Don’t get me wrong I love my Renault ZOE 22kWh, but one thing I’ve always struggled with is heating her up. I’m not talking about the great pre-heat function; this is for those times when you either forget the pre-heat or you are out and about and want to get in your car knowing you can easily pop on some heat.

I have been driving my ZOE for two winters and have always been cold. I had just assumed it was a limit of the car, but having experimented, I realised there is just a bit of a knack to getting the heating to work right.  I now don’t have to wear full hat, gloves and scarf in the car!

ZOE Winter Testing
ZOE Winter Testing

After reading a few posts and trying out a few carefully selected combinations it would seem I have my solution ,these are the steps I follow and try to stick to in this order.

  • Set your heat to 24 degrees, not full whack
  • Select fan speed 3
  • Make sure Air Con is Off
  • Turn on Air Circulation
  • Leave on windscreen fan for the first minute or so
  • Change the fan direction and speed to your preference after a few minutes

Just in time for err Spring [facepalm]

My Electric Valentine

“What I actually found from the minute I first took her for a spin, was the very modern run around punched above its weight on looks, equipment & costs”

I find myself in a strange dichotomy at this time of year when pledging love to your nearest & dearest is the thing to do. Just two years ago my new love affair started with a ‘newer, younger model’ named ZOE. She came with all the whistles & bells that would normally only be associated with an uptown high-end model, but I have to say it was love at first sight.

my other love is electric

To set the record straight, I am a 40+ year old biker who works through the week to get to the weekend to take my Harley Davidson out on the open road. A true petrol head, raised on a diet of high octane & V twins so you would be surprised at my reaction to living with an Electric Vehicle.

I was a total sceptic at first, all the usual urban myths of “it will be a faff to charge”, “the car will look like a bubble car” & “I won’t want to be seen driving it”. What I actually found from the minute I first took her for a spin, was the very modern run around punched above its weight on looks, equipment & costs, which took me by surprise. With benefits including cheap running costs, free parking in designated areas, and looks that rival any Cleo or Fiesta to name a few, you would be mad not to consider an Electric Vehicle when the time comes.

On balance, I will always love the thump of a V-twin, but if owning an Electric Vehicle helps me do my part for the environment, keeps my costs low to keep me in the saddle, then I will choose electric every time. I would do your research on Electric Vehicles; trust me there are some fantastic deals out there already and you could be part of a revolution that shapes the way motoring will ultimately go. Check out FuelIncluded.com also for the latest advice and steer on your new love affair.

Submitted by Jay Little – Fuel Included customer