Tar Sands in Alberta (Image: Wikimedia/Howl Arts Collective)

The way to get off oil? Abstinence

It’s a common environmentalist trope that we’re addicted to oil. The analogy is simple: Our dependence on the stuff and the inability to kick it is similar to a junkie’s addiction to dope. Naysayers to the idea will point out that unlike addicts who put substances into their body, fossil fuel abuse is just a

Leave the oil in the soil! Indigenous representatives from communities resisting oil extraction all over the world marched together at the front of the recent 400,000-strong New York climate march (Image: J. Pope/Bold Nebraska)

Ending the oil age

Big Oil’s days are numbered – but the industry could still take us all down with it. From divestment to disruption, Jess Worth explores how the transition to an oil-free future is being hastened. In September 2014, the $860 million Rockefeller Foundation made an historic announcement. Timed to coincide with massive marches for climate action