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CenterParcs' All-Electric Renault Kangoo ZE Van (Image: T. Larkum)

Staying at Center Parks with a Renault ZOE EV

In the summer we spent the bank holiday weekend at Center Parks Longleat Forest with family. We travelled there and back in the ZOE.

Naturally I hoped to charge while there but it turned out to be problematic. It seemed pretty clear that CenterParks was not setup for EV charging. Initially we were offered the use of a 13A socket in a shed in a far corner of one of the main car parks.

CenterParcs EV Charging Point in a Car Park Equipment Shed (Image: T. Larkum)
CenterParcs EV Charging Point in a Car Park Equipment Shed (Image: T. Larkum)

I plugged in and charging started fine. However, I was a bit sceptical and went back after a few hours to find that the charging had stopped, seemingly a circuit breaker had triggered. I restarted the charge, but disappointingly, I returned after a few hours to check on it to see that it had failed again.

CenterParcs EV Charging Point: the 13A socket above the bicycle (Image: T. Larkum)
CenterParcs EV Charging Point: the 13A socket above the bicycle (Image: T. Larkum)

I reported this and that night I was allowed to charge at the external sockets by the main entrance (next to the in and out barriers). However, the same thing happened and I gave up at that point. Instead we charged on our way home. So, overall, we were not too impressed with CenterParks’ provisions for EV charging (though apparently the provision of charge points has improved since).

CenterParcs' All-Electric Renault Kangoo ZE Van (Image: T. Larkum)
CenterParcs’ All-Electric Renault Kangoo ZE Van (Image: T. Larkum)

On the plus side, we did see that Center Parks were making use of all-electric Kangoo ZE vans for work around the park. And we did enjoy our time there, even if it was a bit pricey.

The Renault Electric Z.E. Range (Image: Renault)

Renault Continues Momentum in Electric Vehicles with Master ZE and New Kangoo ZE

Through its Renault Pro+ brand, Renault is unveiling an extended custom offering in its zero-emission range at the Brussels Motor Show, with world première appearances for Master ZE and New Kangoo ZE. With these new arrivals, Renault fields a unique line-up of four electric light commercial vehicles.

The Renault Electric Z.E. Range (Image: Renault)
The Renault Electric Z.E. Range (Image: Renault)

Zero-emission light commercial vehicles addressing the specific needs of business customers

With world première appearances of two new electric vehicles (New Kangoo ZE and Master ZE), Renault, through its business vehicles brand Renault Pro+, proudly announces nothing less than a range of zero-emission light commercial vehicles unique in the world.

Twizy Cargo (the quadricycle with boot launched in 2014) holds irresistible appeal for city-bound business users, while longer-distance travellers will appreciate the company-car version of New ZOE, with its 400 km NEDC* travel range. Then New Kangoo ZE and Master ZE are perfect for business customers needing load volume. All the models in our range of zero-emission light commercial vehicles offer pollution-free peace of mind on the road plus full connectivity capabilities, as with ZE Trip and ZE Pass on New Kangoo ZE, services that facilitate charging at the 80,000 charge stations across Europe. (In 2017, Renault Pro+ business customers will also be getting other connected services, such as Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance.)

“Renault Pro+ is market leader in electric LCV sales in Europe. With New Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E., Renault Pro+ is continuing to expand its tailor made offering dedicated to professional customers, while developing connected services for business users. We are confident that our professional customers will experience our Zero Emission connected vans which will significantly contribute to better business as well as driving experience.”

Ashwani Gupta – Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicle Business

New Kangoo ZE: major innovations

New Renault Kangoo ZE Electric Van (Image: Renault)
New Renault Kangoo ZE Electric Van (Image: Renault)

Kangoo ZE puts an end to reticence over the use of electric vehicles for longer-distance business uses. Following on from New Renault ZOE, which starred at the Paris Motor Show in the autumn, it’s Kangoo ZE’s turn to get a new battery and power unit, to boast a travel range of 270 km NEDC* instead of the 170 km previously. This is a record on the electric vans market.

The battery takes less than six hours to charge back up to full from a 7 kW Wall Box (that’s less than overnight), or just one hour (that’s a lunch break or the time it takes to load the van for the next delivery round) for a 35 km top-up. It all goes together to make working life easier for business users. For example, another radically new feature on Kangoo ZE is the heat pump that’s tied in with the climate control system to maintain travel range under cold weather conditions. So what was that about electric power being problematic for professionals?

#WelcomeMasterZE: Renault ZE expertise coming to large vans soon

New Renault Master ZE Electric Van (Image: Renault)
New Renault Master ZE Electric Van (Image: Renault)

Renault, number-one on the European electric vehicle market, announces the world première appearance of Master ZE, further substantiation of the company’s unparalleled electric power expertise. The new Renault van packs the ZE 33 battery (33 kWh) driving the new R75 electric power unit (derived from the ZOE pack). Renault Pro+ is proud to offer business customers a large van with a travel range of 200 km NEDC. It will be in European showrooms from around the end of the year. Like its little sister Kangoo ZE, Master ZE takes less than six hours for a full charge. That all adds up to making Master ZE an unbeatable proposition for last-mile urban delivery fleets and all kinds of local government departments.

Source: Renault Group Blog

Kangoo Z.E. 2017 electric van (Image: Renault)

New Renault Kangoo Z.E. van to add 50% more range

  • Renault Pro+ is to present the all-electric New Kangoo Z.E. on 13 January at the 2017 European Motor Show in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Renault Pro+ will equip the latest Kangoo Z.E. with a new motor and battery package that will increase the model’s driving range by more than 50 per cent, from 106 miles (170km) to 168 miles (270km) NEDC. That is equivalent to 124 miles (200km) in real world driving conditions.
  • The New Kangoo Z.E. will offer the longest available driving range in the small van market.
Kangoo Z.E. 2017 electric van (Image: Renault)
Kangoo Z.E. 2017 electric van (Image: Renault)

The Kangoo Van Z.E. is a completely practical solution for environmentally-conscious business customers who have praised the driving enjoyment it delivers, as well as its carrying capacity and competitive operating costs.

This announcement to increase the range on Kangoo Z.E. follows on from Renault recently launching at the 2016 Paris Motor Show the New Renault ZOE available with a new Z.E.40 battery that increases its NEDC driving range to 250 miles (186 miles in real world driving conditions) – the longest of any mainstream electric car.

Renault is Europe’s leading manufacturer of both all-electric LCVs and passenger cars.

More information about the New Kangoo Z.E. will be provided on 13 January 2017.

Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, a ZOE (Image: Renault)

Renault Hands Over the Key to its 100,000th Electric Vehicle

[From 13 September 2016]

  • Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, a ZOE, in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, today
  • A pioneer of all-electric vehicles, Renault is the European leader with 27% market share for electric cars

Five years since the launch of its first electric vehicle, Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car customer.

The Renault ZOE – the brand’s all-electric supermini – was sold to 41 year old Norwegian, Mr. Åsmund Gillebo. To truly complement his purchase of a ZOE, he has been presented with five years of Fortim recharging and 100,000 minutes of recharging time from Grønn kontakt, two local energy suppliers.

Renault: the European leader for electric cars

Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, a ZOE (Image: Renault)
Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, a ZOE (Image: Renault)

In the first half of 2016, Renault sold more than 15,000 electric vehicles (excluding the Twizy), an increase of 32% on the previous year. This success confirms Renault’s status as the European market leader, especially for LCV. Indeed, on European roads, one in every four electric vehicles is a Renault. In France, half of all electric cars are Renaults. Renault’s main markets for electric cars are France, Norway, the UK and Germany. In the UK, Renault Z.E. sales grew to 1,199 in the first half of 2016 – an increase of 26.1 per cent. Of this, 1,069 of the vehicles were the all-electric ZOE – a 39.4 per cent increase on the first six months of 2015. Since the launch of its Z.E. vehicles in the UK in 2011, Renault has sold 5,977 electric vehicles to date comprising of Fluence, Kangoo Van Z.E, Twizy and ZOE.

Eric Feunteun, Director of Renault’s Electric Vehicle Division, said:

“Every year there are more customers for electric cars and Renault is making a major contribution to this with its constant innovation and dedication to developing infrastructure. Our customer satisfaction, which stands at 98% for the ZOE, encourages us to keep pushing onwards”.

Renault boasts the most comprehensive range of 100% electric cars on the market, enabling it to meet a variety of needs. The range is made up of the compact ZOE city car, the Kangoo Van ZE, the compact urban two-seater Twizy (and its utility version, the Twizy Cargo), and the stately saloon the RSM SM3 ZE (the best-selling electric vehicle in Korea).

The ZOE, the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, dominates the market for electric private cars with over 23% market share. The Kangoo Van ZE, the leading electric LCV in Europe for the third year running, sets the benchmark for professionals and has won a number of tenders, including the French Post Office, and the French electricity provider ERDF in Norway. Lastly, with 17,000 models sold, the Twizy is the trailblazer for new ways to get around all over the world, and is extremely popular in car-sharing initiatives in both Europe and North America.

Renault, a key player in electric innovation

With cutting edge electrical technology, proven by its performance in Formula E, Renault is naturally winning over an increasing number of users. Since it began its electric adventure Renault has adopted a global strategy for electric mobility, and the development of infrastructure in particular. Renault is involved in a number of projects to install public recharge points, working with public bodies and other players in electric mobility like energy technicians. There are currently over 100,000 public recharge points around the world, 80,000 of which are in Europe, and they are constantly growing in number. As an example, Renault supports European Commission projects for the TEN-T fund (Trans European Transport Network), which has installed over 2,300 quick charge terminals along highways and major roads in over 15 countries.

In the UK, the ZOE has won numerous awards including What Car?’s ‘Best Electric Car Under £20,000’ for three consecutive years and was most recently voted second in the 2016 Auto Express Driver Power vehicle ownership survey out of 183 cars – Renault’s best ever ranking in the survey for one of its vehicles.

Source: Renault

Renault could soon offer multiple battery options for the ZOE, as Nissan and Tesla offer for their electric vehicles

Renault hints at 200-mile battery option for ZOE and Kangoo

Renault is planning to offer a range of battery capacities for its electric vehicles in the near future, enabling drivers to choose between long range and low cost to suit their needs.

Renault could soon offer multiple battery options for the ZOE, as Nissan and Tesla offer for their electric vehicles
Renault could soon offer multiple battery options for the ZOE, as Nissan and Tesla offer for their electric vehicles

Eric Feunteun, Head of Renault Electric Vehicles, said the company is working to improve energy density through better cell chemistry, to provide longer-range batteries within the same physical space – just as Nissan has recently started offering two versions of the LEAF, and Tesla has multiple options on the Model S and Model X.

“If you ask somebody if they want a larger range the answer is, of course, yes,” he explained. “Then when you move from emotion to facts, and you have a choice between 100 and 200 miles, and the cars with difference prices, the reaction becomes more rational. Some would definitely need the 200, either because they have less constraint in terms of cost or because they use it for 200. Others say they have enough with 100, and they can manage with it.

“I think two routes that will open, not only for Renault but for the market. One focusing on range, one route focusing on cost of ownership. The two routes are important, especially when you consider in the long term that the incentives might be reduced, so that’s how we see the future.”

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Renault becomes the Official Car Partner of the Eden Sessions

Renault becomes the Official Car Partner of the Eden Sessions

  • Partnership allows Renault to reach new audiences through music and showcase electric vehicle line-up
  • ZOE and Twizy to be used around the Eden Project during the Eden Sessions
  • Renault was Europe’s leading EV manufacturer in 2015
Renault becomes the Official Car Partner of the Eden Sessions
Renault becomes the Official Car Partner of the Eden Sessions

Renault has become the Official Car Partner of the Eden Sessions in a deal with the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Renault will use the sponsorship to demonstrate and promote their Z.E. electric vehicle range, including the ZOE and Twizy models, and to reach new audiences in the South West and beyond.

Rita Broe, Marketing Director, Eden Project, said:

“This is a great partnership for Eden, and for the Sessions. We are keen to promote the benefits of electric vehicles in reducing carbon emissions, and look forward to working with Renault to do that in a fun and engaging way.

“This year looks set to be one of the best Sessions seasons ever and we are delighted Renault will be part of it.”

James Boyer, Marketing Director, Renault UK, said:

“As electric vehicle market leaders in Europe, we are passionate about our zero tailpipe emissions vehicles and the great benefits they have for the environment, air quality, running costs and driver enjoyment.  Partnering with the Eden Sessions is a great fit for Renault, something we are very excited about and we look forward to showcasing our Z.E. electric range to Eden concert goers over the summer months.”

The Eden Sessions are a series of outdoor gigs at the Eden Project, featuring some of the best acts in the world playing against the backdrop of Eden’s famous Biomes. The 2016 Eden Sessions will see Lionel Richie (June 14 and 15 – both sold out), Tom Jones (June 26 – sold out) and Jess Glynne (July 14 – sold out) each play shows against the backdrop of Eden’s world-famous Biomes. More acts will be announced in the coming weeks.  The Eden Sessions enter their fifteenth year in 2016.

The Eden Sessions has its own free-to-view online TV channel ( featuring regularly-updated videos of some of the gigs’ finest shows.

Eden has long been a supporter of electric cars and has hosted events to showcase some of the ground-breaking vehicles now available. The project also has charging points for electric cars available for its visitors.

Renault is the leader in EV sales in Europe – ZOE is Europe’s best-selling all-electric passenger car and the Kangoo Van Z.E. is the best-selling electric LCV.  The award-winning Renault Z.E. range consists of the ZOE hatchback, the Twizy – a fun, distinctive, urban runaround and the Kangoo Van Z.E. – a commercial vehicle that is identical to a normal Kangoo Van but with all the advantages of an EV, including no tailpipe emissions.  In 2015, UK sales of the ZOE more than doubled compared to 2014 to 2,053 vehicles. Renault is a pioneer of the electric vehicle market with more than 83,000 EVs sold worldwide to date.

Source: Renault Press

Renault ZOE (Image: Green Car Guide)

Renault leading electric vehicle market in Europe

  • In 2015, Renault was the best performing brand in EV sales in Europe
  • Renault’s EV sales rose 49 per cent to 23,086 units in 2015, with a 23.6 per cent market share
  • ZOE is the best-selling all-electric car in Europe
  • Kangoo Z.E. is the best-selling all-electric LCV in Europe
Renault ZOE (Image: Green Car Guide)
Renault ZOE (Image: Green Car Guide)

Renault is the best performing brand in Europe in electric vehicles sales, with a market share of 23.6 per cent (or 25.2 per cent including Twizy) and 23,086 units registered in 2015 up 49 per cent on 2014. One out of five electric cars sold in Europe was a Renault Z.E. vehicle in 2015.

The European all-electric vehicle market stands at 97,687 units, up 47.8 per cent compared to 2014. In Europe, the EV market represents a 0.61 per cent market share (up 0.16 per cent compared to 2014) of the overall car market.

Renault ZOE is the top-selling all-electric passenger car with its market share increasing by 2.2 percentage points to 19.2 per cent and 18,453 new registrations in 2015. It performed particularly well in France, where it recorded a 48.1 per cent market share (versus 41.2 per cent in 2014) and 10,670 units sold, thanks to the “superbonus” incentive set up by the French government in April 2015. More than half of ZOE sales in France benefitted from the incentive.

Renault Kangoo Z.E. is the best-selling electric LCV in Europe with 4,325 units sold in 2015, accounting for 42.6 per cent of the all-electric LCV market.

Renault has sold the most EVs between 2010 – the year the first EV was launched in Europe – and 2015, with a record of 62,228 units sold. Since its launch, 16,331 units of Renault Twizy were sold.

Renault Z.E. models sold in Europe in 2015:

  • ZOE, a compact hatchback launched in 2013;
  • Kangoo Z.E., the electric version of Renault’s LCV launched in 2011;
  • Twizy, an urban two-seater quadricycle, launched in 2012

In the UK, ZOE sales were up 102 per cent in 2015 to 2,053 vehicles, significantly outpacing the UK electric vehicle market, which was up 48 per cent (including Twizy) on 2014. ZOE is the second best-selling electric car in the UK representing one in five EVs sold.

Source: Renault Press Release

Postal Rounds With Kangoo Maxi Z.E

Posten, the Norwegian postal service, has ordered 240 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E.s., marking one of the world’s biggest electric vehicle purchases so far.

The Kangoo Maxi Z.E. is well-suited to the everyday tasks of many business types, including administrative and courier companies, thanks to its official range of 106 miles (NEDC), which Renault estimates to be between 53 and 84 miles in the real world, depending on ambient temperature and driving conditions. Posten’s red Kangoo Maxi Z.E.s will mostly be used in areas of high population density.

Posten, which already has a fleet of 900 electric vehicles (cars, bikes, quadricycles, trailers), is taking a further step forward in environmental responsibility with the purchase of Kangoo Maxi Z.E. The service is targeting a 40 per cent reduction in its CO2 emissions by 2020, a substantial measure considering Posten alone accounts for no less than one per cent of CO2 emissions in Norway as a whole.

Over the last few years, electric vehicle sales in Norway have been stimulated by a committed government incentive policy. At the end of 2015, electric vehicle sales account for 20 per cent of all new vehicle sales in the country. It is expected that there will be 200,000 electric vehicles across the country by 2020, accounting for 10 per cent of all cars on Norwegian roads.

In Norway, electric cars are exempt from VAT and road tax. They pay no parking fees, road tolls or ferry charges, and they are entitled to use bus lanes.

The Renault electric vehicle line-up in the UK consists of Twizy, ZOE and Kangoo Van Z.E. all providing zero emissions in use motoring, a silent and calming driving experience and strong electric power delivery at all speeds.

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Renault electric vehicles propelled by wind power into the Outer Hebrides

  • 10 Renault electric vehicles available to hire in the Outer Hebrides
  • EVs powered by renewable energy generated by the islands’ wind turbines
  • 100% electric ZOE supermini and Kangoo Van Z.E. ideal for rural and urban areas
  • Vehicles available to hire on an hourly or daily basis
  • New six turbine wind farm to power Outer Hebrides domestic electricity requirements opened today

A 10-strong fleet of 100 per cent electric Renault vehicles powered almost entirely by renewable energy can now be hired by residents and visitors to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Much of the electricity will be generated by the Pentland Road Wind Farm, the largest on any Scottish island that was officially opened today.  The nine ZOE hatchbacks and a Kangoo Van Z.E. have been introduced into the remote region through a unique partnership between E-Car Club and the wind farm operators.


The joint venture brings affordable, zero carbon transport to the area and underlines the suitability of electric vehicles in rural as well as urban environments, with the public being able to hire the innovative models on an hourly or daily basis from a number of locations across the town of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.

E-Car Club – the UK’s first entirely electric pay-per-use car club – chose the Renault ZOE and Kangoo Van Z.E. for the Outer Hebrides following the success it has experienced with the models at its other nationwide locations, including its St Andrews operation which opened earlier this year. The models’ specification, fun drive, reliability and excellent customer feedback were also key factors in the decision.

Representing an investment of £24 million and developed over a 12-year period, Pentland Road Windfarm will generate power for the new vehicles as part of providing renewable electricity to the islands. Such is the efficiency of the wind farm and the suitability of the local climate to support wind power, the six turbines will supply sufficient electricity to meet the entire domestic load of the Outer Hebrides.

Nearly 700 households in the Newvalley, Guershader and Laxdale Lane, Sheshader, Knock and Swordale, and Stornoway General communities will also receive 50 per cent of the biannual lease payments made by Pentland Road Windfarm to the Stornoway Trust as landlord, while there will also be agreed annual payments to the Western Isles Development Trust.

Great effort has also been made to minimise the impact of the wind farm on the local landscape. Great care was taken during the design and construction stages so as not to upset the free movement of water across the site and habitat reinstatement measures are also ensuring that plant communities typical of moorland are now returning to areas surrounding the turbine bases and access tracks. Local bird species have also been unaffected by the project.

Ben Fletcher, Renault UK’s Electric Vehicle Product Manager, said:

“This deal underlines that Renault is a leader in the fast-growing EV sector and the rapidly-increasing popularity that our vehicles have with car sharing clubs and the general public alike. As well as offering residents and tourists a great way to save money and help improve air quality, the car sharing scheme perfectly illustrates that our electric offering has the range and ease of use – not to mention driving pleasure – that makes it ideal for all kinds of drivers in all types of areas.”

Those living in or visiting the Outer Hebrides will be able hire one of the Renault ZOEs from E-Car Club for only £5.50 per hour or £45 per day (24 hours). Power and insurance are both included in the price. The Kangoo panel van is available for £7.50 per hour or £60 per day.

In its drive to help combat congestion, reduce parking and enhance local mobility in an environmentally-friendly and affordable way, E-Car Club has over 20 locations across the UK with several more in the pipeline.

Chris Morris, Managing Director of E-Car Club said:

“I’m delighted to be able to officially announce the launch of E-Car Club in the Outer Hebrides. This is an exceptionally exciting project combining shared e-mobility with renewable power generation in what is undoubtedly a landmark sustainable transport project both in Scotland and around the world.”

“The Islands are a perfect fit for electric car sharing with a community who are already committed to a sustainable lifestyle and current car use limited to relatively short journeys and a frequency which does not always justify private ownership.”

“The intention of E-Car is to provide everyone living in, working in or visiting the region with access to flexible, low cost transport whilst at the same time minimising their environmental impact in what is a truly stunning part of the world.”

Peter Crone, Director of Pentland Road Wind Farm and Zero Carbon Marine, said:

“Electric cars are without doubt the future and car sharing is certain to become increasingly more common too, so it’s wonderful that we have been able to introduce both to the community as part of Pentland Road Wind Farm.

“Local reaction to the wind farm has been excellent and the availability of shared electric cars adds another benefit for people in the region. After having driven one of the ZOEs from the most southern to the most northern point of the Outer Hebrides earlier this week, I am certain that the vehicles will prove very popular.”

Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, Scottish National Party (Western Isles) and Mr Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, Scottish National Party, both attended the launch of Pentland Road Windfarm.

Dr Allan said:

“I am happy to see the Pentland Road wind turbines becoming a reality and creating a benefit to the community. I appreciate the great amount of effort that has gone into this project over many years to make it a reality.

“The Isles are uniquely placed to be at the forefront of renewable energy development. Clearly linking the electric car scheme with locally produced wind energy shows the possibilities we have here for a low-carbon future.

“I am looking forward to electric cars becoming more common around the Isles and to seeing the wider community benefits these two schemes should bring in.”

The ZOE is an all-electric, five-door family hatchback available in three trim levels that comes with a very high level of standard specification, despite its competitive price-tag, which starts from £13,445 after the Government Plug-in Car Grant. Standard specification includes items such as climate control and sat-nav.

ZOE is available with a number of features that make for seamless electric vehicle ownership including remote monitoring of the battery and pre-heating the cabin via your smartphone. ZOE also benefits from the patented Chameleon™ Charger that allows it to make the most of the widest range of power supplies and also keep charging times to a minimum – ZOE can charge from zero to 80 per cent full in as little as 30 minutes.  The official NEDC range is 149 miles – Renault estimates that in real-world driving conditions that this equates to around 106 miles in summer and 71 miles in winter.  Retail ZOE customers also enjoy the free installation of a fast-charging 7kW wall box at home, giving a standard charge time at home from 0-100 per cent in just 3-4 hours.

Awarded the titles of What Car? 2015 ‘Best Electric Car for less than £20,000’ and ‘Best Electric Vehicle’ in the Auto Express Driver Power 2015 survey, the Renault ZOE is an affordable route to zero emissions-in-use motoring.

The Kangoo Van Z.E is perfectly suited to many commercial applications with its choice of four bodystyles and 106-mile range (NEDC) – Renault estimates that in real-world driving conditions that this equates to around 84 miles in summer and 53 miles in winter.

In addition to the ZOE supermini and Kangoo Van Z.E, the Renault Z.E range includes the Twizy urban runaround, an innovative open-sided two-seater vehicle.

In a UK electric car market up 54.5 per cent year-to-date, sales of Renault electric vehicles in the UK were up by 92.4 per cent, to 1,316 vehicles, compared to the same period last year.  Total Renault car sales in the UK stood at 59,221 – up 16.7 per cent on first nine months of 2014.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – August 2015 (Image: Inside EVs)

Renault Sold Over 30,000 ZOEs Through August 2015

I’m not surprised – it is a fab car! I’m coming up 35,000 miles in mine.


Sales of Renault electric cars (like most plug-ins in Europe) are growing almost every month, year-over-year, so far, although August was up just 9% at 828 units. An additional 113 via the city-quadricycle EV, the Twizy.

In eight months, Renault has sold nearly 12,500 electric cars and over 1,550 Twizy.

Renault ZOE hit 30,000 in August

Renault’s flagship, ZOE is already over 30,400 sales, with cumulative sales over 10,000 in eight months of this year.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – August 2015 (Image: Inside EVs)
Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – August 2015 (Image: Inside EVs)

Renault Kangoo Z.E. isn’t doing that well and with just around 2,200 sales is few hundreds below 2014 results. This may be as a result of the Nissan e-NV200.

Source: Inside EVs