Vegans rejoice: Tesla quietly goes leather-free

Tesla’s electric cars are known for being environmentally-friendly, and they just got a little more vegan-friendly. The automaker this week quietly upgraded all of its premium interior options to be completely leather-free. While the company hasn’t made an official announcement, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed the change, saying that the company now only sells its premium seating option, which

UK Tesla Model 3 production won’t begin until 2019 as electric saloon’s specification revealed

Deliveries of electric car maker’s more affordable saloon begin in USA, but right-hand-drive models are some way off The first deliveries of Tesla’s more affordable electric saloon began on Friday, but UK advance orders won’t be fulfilled until 2019 at the earliest. The electric car company’s much-anticipated “more affordable” Model 3 saloon has been pitched

I spent three minutes inside Tesla’s Model 3 — and I’m still thinking about it a day later

The raucous crowd had dwindled to a few dozen hangers-on. The international reporters had returned to their hotels, and Tesla’s billionaire chief executive, Elon Musk, had disappeared into his sprawling Fremont, Calif., factory about an hour earlier. Tesla’s Model 3 rollout was essentially over, but in a nearby parking lot where the first test rides

Elon Musk: more than half of new vehicles will be electric and almost all autonomous in the US within 10 years

We have recently seen several projections about the adoption of electric vehicles from different companies and research groups, like Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and even OPEC. Most of them predict that about half of new vehicle production will be electric at some point between 2035 and 2040. Now Tesla CEO Elon Musk jumps in with his

Elon Musk’s big battery brings reality crashing into a post-truth world

For months, politicians and fossil fuel industry have lied about the viability of renewables. Now Tesla’s big battery in South Australia will prove them wrong Elon Musk’s agreement to build the world’s largest battery for South Australia isn’t just an extraordinary technological breakthrough that signs coal’s death warrant. It’s potentially a game changer in the