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Soon, Ford dealers will have an electric focus

Electric Ford Focus on sale within the year

Ford will launch a Focus EV during 2016 – and add another 13 such cars within the next five years

Soon, Ford dealers will have an electric focus
Soon, Ford dealers will have an electric focus

The only place to find an electric focus used to be your camera. But soon, Ford dealers will have them too.

During the next 12 months, the new Ford Focus Electric will go on sale. And it’ll be the first of many such cars, as Ford aims to be offering electric options across 40% of its product range by the end of the decade.

There’s already an electric Focus in the US. Its 143bhp motor is good for 85mph and a range of something like 100 miles on between two and three hours’ charge – but Ford says the new one will do much better.

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Electric cars charging in Central Milton Keynes

Ford increases focus on electric vehicles

A global electric vehicle outlook report published in 2013 suggested that the goal of 15 countries that are part of the Electric Vehicles Initiative is to have 20 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020.

Electric cars charging in Central Milton Keynes

The report states that, as countries seek to address future energy requirements, achieving sustainable transport has emerged as an important mission. Electric Vehicles have emerged as one of the most promising solutions to increase energy security and reduce emission of pollutants.

Ford Motors‘ announced on December 10th that it will invest an additional $4.5 billion in electrified vehicle solutions by 2020 to answer the increasing global trends calling for cleaner and more efficient vehicles. Although the cars segment in North America along with Lincoln cars and SUVs accounts for less than 10% of Ford?s valuation, as per our estimates, focusing on trends which will drive the industry in future will ensure that Ford maintains its market share in this segment.

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