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Evolt wins first Go Ultra Low City contract to install EV Charge Points across Dundee

 Evolt, the SWARCO Group’s eMobility brand, has received the first phase of works estimated at £1.8 million by Dundee City Council to support three new charging ‘hubs’ in the city, along with an additional regional charging infrastructure. This follows its success in being awarded a place on a Framework and aims to boost the number of plug-in cars on Scottish roads.


The contract confirms Evolt as the dominant supplier to the Scottish market, having installed over 1,000 charge points and been selected to the Energy Saving Trust’s national framework to deliver public and private EV charging.

As one of the Go Ultra Low Cities, Dundee is creating three new charging ‘hubs’ that will become dedicated areas for the charging of electric vehicles. Each hub will be equipped with Evolt’s well proven charging technology, including a combination of Rapid and Fast charging units that can charge two EVs simultaneously to 80% battery life within 30 minutes and an hour respectively.

To harness the benefits of renewable energy, each hub will have solar panels installed to feed Evolt’s energy storage solution, which harnesses the power of second life EV and hybrid battery packs. Storing energy for future use reduces the heavy demand placed on the power grid when EVs are charging simultaneously.

A further four Rapid chargers and 14 Fast chargers will be installed at additional locations outside of the City centre to provide a wide network that supports existing EV users and to encourage further take up. All of Evolt’s units will be connected to the national ChargePace Scotland network

Dundee is the first of the eight Go Ultra Low Cities to award a contract following the announcement of £40 million of Government funding earlier this year. Evolt was successful with its bid following a competitive tender exercise, and is working with British Gas as its installation partner.

Fraser Crichton, Transport Manager for Dundee City Council, says:

“We have worked with Evolt for the last five years on charging infrastructure within Dundee and are delighted to continue our relationship to develop some exciting and innovative charging hubs across the city and surrounding area.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager for Evolt, says this Framework Contract is a key win for the company and builds upon Evolt’s successes in Scotland:

“The quality and proven reliability of our hardware coupled with dedicated local servicing expertise makes us a driving force within the Scottish eMobility marketplace,” he explains.

“We are very pleased to be playing a part in the Go Ultra Low initiative, and with more Evolt chargers in key locations across Dundee we hope to see the take up of EVs continue to increase.”

Among the 14 Rapid chargers delivered, Dundee has chosen six of Evolt’s next generation Raption 50 model that includes a 47-inch LCD screen to offer the council a further revenue generating opportunity. The Raption 50 Rapid was unveiled in September at the Cenex-LCV exhibition, and this will be the first time the new units have been installed in the UK, with multiple units already installed across Europe.

Evolt has supplied 24 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, with its model for continued success based on the provision of highly reliable hardware combined with a strong and localised after-sales service.

Evolt smart chargers selected for major nationwide trial

 Evolt, the SWARCO Group’s eMobility brand, has been selected to provide its smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers for Electric Nation, a nationwide trial that is seeking to better understand the demand and impact that ‘at-home charging’ places on the local power distribution networks.


Greater demand is being placed on power networks as the take up of EVs widens, EV battery sizes increase, and charging times get faster. This demand is particularly noticeable when EVs in the same local network are charging simultaneously.

The Electric Nation project aims to implement a prototype smart charging solution that will better manage power distribution at a local level at peak times.

Evolt, which is a brand of the SWARCO Group, is providing its smart charging unit to 50% of the 500 – 700 members of the public that are being recruited for Electric Nation.

Its units will be subsidised by OLEV* and Western Power Distribution (WPD), which is funding the project. Initially, the project will take place within the bounds of WPD (the South West, South Wales, and the Midlands), but has the ability to be rolled out nationally.

A previous project, My Electric Avenue (which was smaller in scale and used only one type of EV and charger), found that 32% of the UK’s supply cables would require upgrading when 40% – 70% of a network’s customers have EVs. This is estimated to cost £2.2 billion. Electric Nation is now trialling a smart charging solution that monitors the level of power going to many different makes and models of EV via a variety of charge points; in effect managing the distribution of power at a local level.

“Electric Nation’s scope is far broader than the previous My Electric Avenue project, and is the world’s largest trial of its kind,”

says Gill Nowell, Senior Consultant – Smart Interventions at EA Technology, which is responsible for developing the demand control technology, as well as the customer research, marketing and learning dissemination for the project.

“Evolt’s capability to provide smart chargers that stream information via the cloud was key to its selection,” she adds. “It also provides well-known, easy to use and reliable products that are installed throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Having proven systems that are trustworthy was also a central aspect to its selection.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, says the EV industry is constantly adapting:

“We need to ensure that our local power distribution networks can cope with the increasing demands of EV charging,” he says. “We know that when everyone charges at the same time there is increased pressure on the grid. But by working together we can find the right way of optimising the grid’s availability and protect the future of EV charging as demand continues to rise.”

Electric Nation is the customer-facing brand of CarConnect, a WPD and Network Innovation Allowance funded project. WPD’s collaboration partners in the project are EA Technology, DriveElectric, Lucy Electric GridKey and TRL.

To check your eligibility for the Electric Nation project visit

Evolt connects Isles to the mains

Evolt, the Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has assisted Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles Council) in creating a north-south EV charging network throughout the islands of the Outer Hebrides.


A total of 11 charge points have been strategically positioned on the Isles of Lewis and Harris, North Uist, South Uist and Barra, which make up the majority of the Council’s remit. The new network adds to the existing Evolt charge points procured and installed at the ferry ports throughout the Western Isles.

The news also follows Evolt’s selection as one of the Energy Saving Trust’s EV charge point suppliers on a Scotland-wide framework agreement.

A Spokesperson at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar explains the charge point infrastructure project was completed in three phases, and Evolt were appointed the successful tenderer to supply its equipment:

“It has proven to be an good and reliable supplier, and we have had minimal operational issues with the equipment, which bearing in mind our extreme weather conditions and harsh environment, is impressive.”

Three top-of-the-range Rapid chargers that can efficiently charge two EVs to 80% of their battery life within 30 minutes through a 50Kw AC and 43Kw DC outlet have been installed at key locations throughout the region. These are supplemented by three 22kW Fast chargers that are ideal for quick ‘top ups’, have AC and DC capability, and take one hour to simultaneously charge two EVs; and five 7kW Street chargers that complete the Islands’ north-south network.

“The charging infrastructure has contributed to our environmental agenda and is an enabler of sustainable tourism,” the Spokesperson adds. “A car club is also being set up by an independent enterprise for residents and businesses to hire EVs.

“Further strategically placed charging units are proposed for the future to increase accessibility to some of our prime tourist locations, however there can be limitations to installations based on the capacity of the electricity network in the area,” the Spokesperson concludes.

Justin Meyer, General Manager for Evolt, emphasises EVs and charge points appeal to both rural and urban environments:

“It’s a testament to the reliability and durability of our systems that they continue to effectively charge EVs even in the most testing conditions.”

Exclusive London New Build Installs 38 Evolt Charge Points

Exclusive London New Build Installs 38 Evolt Charge Points

One of London’s most high-profile and successful new mixed-use developments, Fitzroy Place in Fitzrovia, W1, has installed 38 electric vehicle (EV) charge points from Evolt.

Exclusive London New Build Installs 38 Evolt Charge Points
Exclusive London New Build Installs 38 Evolt Charge Points

The developer of Fitzroy Place, Exemplar, appointed Evolt not only to supply and install single outlet AC wall mount charge points, but also the latest load distribution technology.

The latter ensures the total power to all charge points is consistently available, evenly distributed and prevents overloading. When an EV is fully charged, its power usage is re-distributed to the other EV’s so that they can achieve a full charge in the fastest possible time.

The charge points are split into four groups, with each group being controlled by a distribution board. They are also connected to a centralised server, which manages the entire system and provides a real-time reporting function for operators. The server also has a failsafe mechanism in case of a local power outage, where it ‘instructs’ the distribution boards to continue charging vehicles at a default setting.

Michael Bucknell, Development Director at Exemplar says:

“Evolt’s installation of car charge points was a key contribution for us meeting our demanding sustainability objectives at Fitzroy Place.

“As we see Central London’s air quality moving up the political agenda, encouraging residents and occupiers to embrace electric vehicles will become increasingly key to tackling this very serious health and environmental issue”.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, says that EV’s are fast becoming an essential part of city life:

“Charge points at new builds are becoming commonplace, as an increasing number of city dwellers and office workers are increasingly environmentally conscious.

“We are visibly seeing the demand for AC charge points at new builds,” he continues, “and it is important to install technology that manages power distribution, otherwise a site’s charge point network may never effectively charge numerous EVs simultaneously”.

The recently completed Fitzroy Place development provides 235 private apartments, 54 affordable homes, 20,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant space, 220,000 sq ft of commercial office space in addition to health and education facilities, and public open space.

Evolt charge point, Lorne Street (Image: Evolt)

Remote installation of Rapid charging units is no problem for Evolt

Evolt has completed the supply and installation of a new series of Rapid and Fast electric vehicle (EV) charge points on the Western Scotland mainland and the Isle of Mull, having won a competitive tender from Argyll and Bute Council.

Evolt charge point, Lorne Street (Image: Evolt)
Evolt charge point, Lorne Street (Image: Evolt)

The new network of seven Rapid and two Fast chargers is the Council’s first publicly available EV charging infrastructure, funded by Transport Scotland through a Government-led initiative that helps to promote the use of EVs in Scotland.

The installation further builds upon Evolt’s reputation in Scotland as a strong and reliable supplier; it has now provided more than 1,100 charge points for 24 local authorities as well as private businesses, including taxi companies.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, Councillor Ellen Morton, explains:

“At tender stage we found Evolt’s submission to be of a higher quality than its competitors, and it was able to provide a more cost-effective solution.”

“Evolt gave us the confidence that it would be fully in control and understood the challenges of supplying and installing an EV charge point infrastructure to a highly remote region, which included two charge points on the Isle of Mull,” she says.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, says its experience in installing systems at remote locations was key to its success in winning the contract:

“The Council recognised our previous work on remote islands such as Harris, South Uist and Shetland, as well as our ability to manage and service systems in a cost-efficient and timely manner.”

Seven of Evolt’s top-of-the-range Rapid chargers that can efficiently charge two EVs to 80% of their battery life within 30 minutes through a 50Kw AC and 43Kw DC outlet have been installed throughout the region, including two on Mull. These are supplemented by two 22kW Fast chargers that are ideal for quick ‘top ups’, have AC and DC capability, and take one hour to simultaneously charge two EVs.

Each unit has a built in 3G communications modem enabling Evolt’s back office management system to remotely monitor the charging process and collect and provide charging data when needed.

Source: Evolt via GravityLondon

Evolt wins a place on the new Scottish Framework to install EV charge points

Evolt, the electric vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has been selected by the Energy Saving Trust Limited (EST) as one of the companies to provide EV charging solutions on a new Scotland-wide framework agreement.


The new framework includes the right to tender, be selected, or quote for the installation of rapid, commercial and domestic charging units on the mainland and in the Highlands and Islands. The announcement follows a full tender and is effective immediately to an initial expiry date of December 2018.

Having established itself as a significant player on the Scottish EV charge point supplier market over the past five years, Evolt has supplied in excess of 1,100 charging points to 24 local councils and many private businesses in Scotland.

Justin Meyer, General Manager at Evolt, says its commercial charge points’ reliability was a key factor in being selected for the new framework:

“Our equipment is installed in both urban and rural environments, including on remote islands such as the Shetlands, and has helped to drive forward Scotland’s sustainability agenda over the past five years.

“As a part of the new framework agreement we remain in a strong position to encourage and facilitate the ever-increasing take up of EVs in Scotland.”

Included in the 1,100 Evolt charge points installed in Scotland are 85 of the top-of-the-range Evolt Rapid chargers. Each unit can efficiently charge two EVs to 80% of their battery life within 30 minutes through a 50Kw DC and 43Kw AC outlet.

Justin adds that the units are user-friendly, tamper proof, simultaneous charging functionality on both fast and rapid charge points and contain a built in 3G communications modem enabling remote monitoring of the charging process and charging data collection:

“This functionality enhances our strong reputation for offering a high quality charging solution that is backed up by an efficient and effective service support.

“It is a testament to the durability of our technology that we have been able to successfully install and maintain our equipment in the testing weather conditions experienced in the highlands and on remote islands.”

Source: Evolt press release

John Osorio of Evolt and Cllr Janet Willis, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Environment, at the charging site in Kendal (Image: Evolt)

Evolt’s Rapid Charging network for EVs sparks the Cumbrian ‘black spot’

Evolt, the Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point supplier, has completed the installation of Cumbria’s first publicly accessible EV Rapid charging network, which is now available for public use.

John Osorio of Evolt and Cllr Janet Willis, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Environment, at the charging site in Kendal (Image: Evolt)
John Osorio of Evolt and Cllr Janet Willis, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Environment, at the charging site in Kendal (Image: Evolt)

Nine locations across the county now benefit from a top-of-the-range Evolt 50Kw Rapid Charger that can efficiently charge an EV within 30 minutes. A further Evolt 7Kw Fast Charger, ideal for quick ‘top-ups’ during short stay visits, has also been installed at four of those sites (Carlisle, Kendal, Workington and Keswick). The other five sites are comprised of Whitehaven, Ulverston, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Lonsdale and Ambleside.

Evolt, which is a division of the APT Controls Group, won a competitive tender to supply its charge points from Cumbria County Council in November 2015.

Councillor Janet Willis, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member responsible for Environment, explains that Cumbria now provides a low carbon transport solution:

“Up until now there have been limited charging facilities in Cumbria,” she says. “I’m sure this project will help open up the county to more electric vehicle drivers and make a real difference, both in Cumbria and nationally.”

The installation process included three stages: firstly, initial civil works including excavation and inserting power cables, ensuring the power infrastructure is in place; secondly the physical charge points’ installation; and finally their connection to a back office management system that remotely monitors each charge point. After testing, the charge points have been made ready for public use.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, explains its chargers will positively impact the lives of EV and Hybrid drivers in and around Cumbria:

“The new network will drive forward EV activity in the region, with the infrastructure actively supporting the ambitions of an ever-increasing industry.”

Suzanne Burgess of Solway Renewables initially proposed that the Council should seek funding from OLEV:

“There has been significant interest surrounding the charging network, and it will make a substantial difference to individuals, small business and the tourist industry that is hugely important for Cumbria,” she says. “It’s time to get the word out that Cumbria is open to electric vehicle drivers.”

Source: Evolt Press Release

Dundee Cabs charge points

Evolt’s charging infrastructure sets example to the ranks!

The Evolt Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure supplied and installed by APT Controls at the Dundee taxi company 203020 has become an ‘ideal model’ for cab firms looking to go electric, according to its CEO David Young.

Dundee Cabs charge points
Dundee Cabs charge points

203020 is increasing its fleet to 100 fully electric vehicles, making it the largest EV taxi fleet in the UK.

Dundee is currently vying with seven other cities for £20 million of funding to become the UK’s electric taxi capital – and Evolt is playing a significant part in helping to achieve this.

APT Controls was selected after a full tender process as the key supplier to 203020’s fleet of 30 EVs, and has subsequently installed five top-of-the-range 50kW Tri-Rapid chargers, which efficiently charge vehicles in half an hour, and a further ten 7kW chargers that are ideal for quick ‘top ups’.

David says Evolt came highly recommended:

“Two companies informed me of its reliability, and when it came to choosing a product, Evolt really stood out.

“The equipment is very well installed, maintained to high levels and we have never had a problem with their use – which is testament to the manufacturer’s quality since each Rapid Charger is in consistent use with approximately 17 and 21 charges every day.”

Now the charging infrastructure is in place, David says that another 100 EVs are currently on order:

“Since the EV programme started one year ago, over 30 taxi firms from all over the UK have visited to see our set up,” he says. “It’s an ideal model of environmental success, and Evolt has really helped in driving it forward with its reliable charge points.”

David says 203020 will have 100 EVs on the road within six months:

“This time next year every vehicle we own will be 100 percent electric, and with that expansions come an increased use of the charge points. Two of our Rapid chargers are already the busiest in the UK, and our original 30 EVs will very soon reach 1,000,000 miles, saving hundreds of tons of carbon emissions.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager for Evolt, anticipates an increased role in the future:

“The take-up of EVs, and therefore the increased need for charge points, is accelerating and we forecast significant growth in the supply of our EV charging solutions to taxi companies as well as to local councils for their fleets and initiatives.”

Evolt’s Rapid Charging range of 50kW DC and 43kW AC output systems is made up of two carefully designed products; the Compact Charger and the Advanced Charger. Both are proven systems allowing EV charging at AC and DC outlets on the unit (when enabled). Each unit also has a built in 3G communications modem enabling remote monitoring of the charging process and charging data collection (where needed). And its 7kW dual-socket range is robustly designed and features an intelligent tamper-proof opening mechanism to increase security.

Source: Evolt via Gravity London

Evolt Charge Point in Liverpool (Image: Evolt)

Evolt EV Charging points support Merseyside’s eco-ambitions

Liverpool City Region’s (LCR) drive towards creating an eco-friendly environment is being helped by APT Controls, which has completed the installation of 28 of its Evolt Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points.

Evolt Charge Point in Liverpool (Image: Evolt)
Evolt Charge Point in Liverpool (Image: Evolt)

Merseytravel, the executive body that provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the LCR’s Combined Authority, and the body responsible for coordinating bids and projects, chose Evolt after a full tender process.

Amy Coulson, Programme Development Officer at Merseytravel outlines LCR’s e-mobility strategy:

“It sets out our commitment to promoting the use of EVs across the region, and this includes installing a charging network for an even greater public take up of environmentally friendly transport. Evolt are helping us deliver this.”

Fourteen Evolt charge points have been installed and are available for public use at sites across Merseyside including rail stations, hospitals and the Seacombe Ferry Terminal; a further 14 have been strategically placed at sites of importance for the local authority, such as council buildings and NHS depots.

Of the 28 chargers, a mix of 7kW dual wallmount and 7kW standard dual posts were installed, forming the first phase of Recharge, the LCR’s scheme to encourage the public and the local authorities to simultaneously decrease their carbon footprints.

“The LCR, which includes seven local authorities, is committed to leading by example and has recently been awarded funding by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to introduce 23 Ultra Low Emission Vehicles into its fleets over the coming year,” Amy continues.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, anticipates that Evolt will remain integral to the Recharge scheme as it progresses through the phases:

“We have developed a significant relationship with the LCR, helped by our experience of dealing with local councils across the country, and are now the EV charge point supplier of choice in the City Region.”

Source: Gravity London

Evolt reports record year for its EV charging business

Evolt has recorded a record year for its Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging business – 12 months that has seen a significant increase in sales and market share in an increasingly competitive commercial charging landscape.

The company, which began installing some of its first single commercial chargers more than five years ago, has since grown to become one of the largest providers of single, dual and multiple commercial charging points across the UK.

It currently has more than 4,000 of its Evolt-branded charging points installed, from the south coast of England to the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It also has a further 160 Rapid Charging stations in place to meet the needs of an expanding customer base that includes 60 Local Authorities and a large number of private businesses

Justin Meyer, General Manager, says that its engagement with leading consortia and strategic alliances with two of the key industry players have served to consolidate its position as a true market leader:

“We have quickly established a reputation as the ‘go to’ supplier for commercial EV charging infrastructure solutions, respected for the range and reliability of our systems and a strong support network right across the country,” he says.

“Our growth and increased market share reflect the growing popularity of electric vehicles, as more local authorities and private businesses look to meet their ‘green’ responsibilities and realise the benefits that EVs can deliver.

“Fleets of electric buses, taxis and council vehicles are all increasing,” he continues. “We have exciting plans for 2016 and will continue to invest in new technologies over the next 12 months.”

2_justin_meyer_evolt_csAmong the new solutions planned for early 2016 is an 800-Volt Rapid Charger with an innovative design, a 20kW triple headed Rapid Charger, and an advanced home charging unit with a number of bespoke features that will ensure that an EV unit can be installed in every home.

Other new innovations include a series of battery storage systems consisting of a 50kW, 100kW and ultimately 250kW capacity. These will enable expansion of the EV charging network where the power supply is constrained, as well as the ability to work with Green renewable energy sources.

Source: Gravity London