Tesla Model 3 Unveil (Image: Tesla)

The Tesla Model 3 arrives with 215 miles of range

And Tesla claims there are 115,000 preorders, which is madness. After a long wait, Tesla has finally unveiled the Model 3. It’s what we were expecting (and hoping for) – a less-expensive, versatile, attractive five-seater with decent range and a low price. It rounds out Tesla’s revised Secret Master Plan, as Elon Musk cheekily called


Tesla’s all-electric flagship Model S gives you range confidence. The 20th Century failed to deliver several high profile science fiction promises: jetpacks exist but are impractical, flying cars never worked, and working androids are still yet to arrive outside of a Japanese technology conference. The 21st Century is doing a little better. It’s now possible

Nissan e-NV200 electric van and Leaf electric car (Image: Nissan)

Carlos Ghosn On Electric Car Range, Price & More – Video

When the topic of discussion is electric cars and the individual doing most of the talking is Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, we watch and listen. We think you should too. “Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer at Renault, talks with Caroline Hyde about the growth of electric car technology, why development of autonomous vehicles will take

Pollution at Drax Coal Power Station near Selby (Image: J. Giles/PA)

How Solar Power Could Slay the Fossil Fuel Empire by 2030

In just 15 years, the world as we know it will have transformed forever. The ​age of oil, gas, coal and nuclear will be over. A new age of clean power and smarter cars will fundamentally, totally, and permanently disrupt the existing fossil fuel-dependent industrial infrastructure in a way that even the most starry-eyed proponents