Rapid Chargers next to Milton Keynes Central railway station parking (Image: T. Larkum)

Electric Car Charging Networks 2: Chargemaster’s Polar Network

This is the second part of an occasional series covering national charging networks (the first was Ecotricity’s Electric Highway). POLAR Network (including Charge Your Car and Source East) Websites: POLAR Plus, POLAR Instant Operated by: Chargemaster PLC Online Maps: POLAR Plus, POLAR Instant Smartphone App: POLAR Instant Operator’s Description “We run POLAR, the UK’s biggest

Renault Using Old EV Batteries To Power Electric Car Charging Stations

The French automaker believes this will add flexibility to charging infrastructure. Call it Recyclin’ Renault: The French automaker is now using old electric-car batteries to power charging stations in Europe. These so-called “second-life” batteries were integrated with energy-storage systems from British firm Connected Energy and installed at two charging sites on highways in Belgium and

Growing Fuel Included

We have started the process of growing Fuel Included Limited by looking for investment opportunities. Today we are in Birmingham having got through the preliminary rounds of the Challenge Cup organised by 1776. Jason pitched our business plan to four investment judges and I’m pleased to announce we got through to the shortlist. I’ll follow up