The Predicament of Venice

I’m currently enjoying a short stay in Venice. It’s a beautiful place with an astonishing amount of priceless art and architecture. However, it is clearly dying. Over the centuries it has suffered from regular flooding. Most of the buildings have long-term damp. This has led to inevitable deterioration of the art, particularly murals and frescoes.

Diesel drivers will be paid to scrap their cars to improve air quality

Diesel drivers will receive compensation to encourage them to scrap or “retrofit” highly polluting vehicles under Conservative plans to reduce emissions to be unveiled later this week. The Government will on Friday publish its new air quality strategy which will include plans for a “targeted” diesel scrappage scheme, The Telegraph has learned. Ministers will also

Newest, cleanest diesels in Europe can still be very dirty: analysis

It has become increasingly more evident that carmakers must take aggressive steps to ensure that diesel cars and light trucks meet current environmental regulations. Tests done by Emissions Analytics found that the majority of new diesel-powered cars sold in Europe do not meet the Euro 6 emission standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real-world use.

When will we see ‘tailpipes’ on cars as morally wrong? An Earth Day question

Economists call them “externalities.” They’re the costs of people’s actions on other people or communities—though the people taking those actions don’t have to pay for those costs, even as they harm others. The emissions from combusting fossil fuels to propel vehicles are clearly a prime example. While complaints about air quality in the Los Angeles Basin