What Fuel Included Ltd is All About


Support and Advice. At Fuel Included, we have the expertise to make sure that you choose the right car for your lifestyle and your pocket. After purchase you get support for as long as you have your contract, giving you the answers you need about driving electric, installing a charge point, and all the other questions that pop-up.

Throughout the year, our staff and other contributors are writing blogs and news to share our experience of electric cars and help you make the most of yours. We back this up with regular weekly newsletters, and shall be extending our range of publications in coming months.

Our advice will include installing a charge point, London congestion charge exemption, joining the various nationwide charging networks, free parking at train stations, how to deal with a hard to fit CHADeMO plug and much, much more...

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Reward Shares in Fuel Included. We are passionate about making a difference by helping people like you adopt electric cars and other green technologies, and want you to share in our future.

To thank you for buying a car or battery with us, we will give you 40 reward shares in Fuel Included Ltd, to own forever. If you have already bought a car or battery, and then refer someone else, we will give you 20 reward shares.

To apply, simply check your eligibility here. Terms and conditions apply.

Free Paperback. You may already have our charging e-Book available on our website.

All of our customers also now get our extended paperback version "The Ultimate Guide to Charging Your Electric Car at Home" which has all the detail you need to answer all your questions.

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Make a Difference. Driving an electric car really can help reduce your carbon footprint, even if the electricity is generated from a non-renewable source. However, if you change to renewable sources, then the difference is even greater. Read more...

Reversing climate change is a job for us all to share. Thanks for doing your part.