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We can help you if you are looking for the cheapest electric car lease UK. We specialise in providing electric cars in the UK on lease and PCP contracts.

Electric car lease UKElectric Car Lease UK

So how does electric car leasing differ from a PCP?

  • With a UK electric car lease you pay a fixed price per month for a fixed term (typically 3 years). There is also an upfront payment (usually worth 3 or 6 times the monthly payment). At the end of the term you give the car back. A private lease is technically known as Personal Contract Purchase (PCH).
  • A PCP (personal contract purchase) is similar to a lease in that you can give the car back and walk away at the end of the term. However it differs in that you can choose to keep the car instead by paying a final or ‘balloon’ payment. Also, the upfront payment is usually a fixed amount (e.g. £499) rather than a multiple of the monthly amount. It is effectively a deposit if you decide to keep the car.

We recommend that you take an electric car on the assumption that you’ll give it back at the end of the term. That’s because the technology is advancing so fast that there will be new ones coming available with greater range and performance. Therefore we don’t think it makes sense to buy outright at the moment.

For most people it doesn’t make any real difference if you get your new electric car on lease or PCP – you really just want the cheapest overall cost (considering the upfront payment plus monthly payments).

Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars are the most technologically advanced cars available. Therefore they tend to be more expensive to buy outright than fossil-fuelled cars. However:

  • electric cars are cheap to run. Fuel (electricity) costs are very low: a ‘fill-up’ costs as little as £1.50.
  • they often get free parking (e.g. in Westminster, Milton Keynes, Leeds, some railway stations, etc.).
  • they get exemption from congestion charging.
  • electric cars are nicer to drive as they are quiet, smooth and don’t pollute.
  • they typically have greater performance (acceleration) than equivalent fossil cars.
  • all-electric cars pay no road tax.
  • they are usually cheaper to service and maintain.

The result of all this is that an electric car can provide very cheap motoring. It’s important, though, to consider all the costs of a car (fuel, tax, parking, etc.) and don’t just look at the monthly payment. With many of our cars we even include free charging.

Electric Car Lease UK: How We Can Help

If you’re not sure whether an electric car lease would work for you and save you money, try out our Total Cost of Ownership service.

Top electric cars available on electric car lease UK (Image: Fuel Included)

Top electric cars available on electric car lease UK (Image: Fuel Included)

If you already know what you want then take a look at our most popular deals:

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