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Rhapsody in Blue, Part 3

Today we had another trip to Birmingham but since our destination was past the city centre (130 miles round trip) and I wanted to go fast on the motorway I made no effort to do it all on one charge.

We were taking our daughter to a gymnastics competition. After it was over we headed back towards Northampton but stopped at Corley Services for dinner. And so we made use of the Corley Ecotricity rapid charger again.

While we had our burgers the i3 filled up with time to spare. I took photos of each step of the process and will write that up soon as a guide to rapid charging.

Cars could charge homes with new EV unit

The UK’s first domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) unit is to be installed at a home in Loughborough.

That’s according to Cenex, the Centre of Excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies, which has announced the move as part of its Ebbs and Flows of Energy Systems (EFES) project.

The innovative new system will power a home through the owner’s electric vehicle (EV).

The company hopes to showcase the interaction of EVs as battery storage within a domestic property and how this feature can be incorporated into the wider energy system.

The £1.8 million project is being completed over three years, starting in December 2017.

Cenex is to use project data to put together a business case for domestic scale V2G in the UK and believes the installation will act as a catalyst for future innovation.

Robert Evans, CEO at Cenex, said:

“Cenex is delighted to be at the forefront of this important new research into the domestic scale use of V2G power systems.“Installation of the UK’s first domestic V2G unit marks a significant landmark for the country’s manufacturing and innovation, not to mention our efforts to move toward a low carbon economy.”

A new research project is offering to install free smart chargers at EV owners’ homes.

Source: Energy Live News

Charge points at work may be key to broader electric vehicle adoption

There are many ways to support wider electric vehicle adoption. But one of the simplest, and most powerful, may be encouraging employers to install charging at work.

Promo Image of Charge Port, Ford

Business Green reports, for example, on the experience of National Grid in the UK, which saw a large increase in the number of staff using electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles after it installed 6 charge points at its headquarters:

“Since the eVolt charging infrastructure was installed, the number of company car PHEVs has risen from 177 to 375, and we have seen an increase in the number of fully electric vehicles,” said Darren Watson, environmental operations advisor for National Grid’s Sustainability and Climate Change team. “The chargers’ take up has been rapid and exponential, and we are forecasting further rises as the business continues to support the adoption of EVs, and our employees continue to select them as a credible alternative to traditional petrol or diesel engines.”

Of course, convenience and the reduction of range anxiety are—most likely—major factors in this increased adoption of plug-in vehicles. After all, many UK drivers may not have off-street parking in which to charge, and the current crop of electric vehicles probably leaves other drivers nervous about a full round-trip commute without an option to charge at work. The reporting doesn’t say whether drivers were expected to pay for a charge, but if use of these charge points is complementary, that adds up to a pretty nice workplace perk too.

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