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Renault Increased EV Sales By 56% In February, Thanks To New ZOE

Renault didn’t show any of the seasonal slowdown experience found elsewhere in Europe. In fact the French automaker noted one of its best months ever for EV sales in February.

In total, more than 3,100 electric cars were sold (excluding the Twizy), which was 56% more than year ago.

Image: Inside EVs

Compared alongside total Renault car sales, EVs held a 1.6% share during the month.

Despite Renault offering several models in its EV lineup, in reality there is ZOE and a few other asterisks…at least when it comes to sales. Last month ZOE deliveries amounted to roughly 2,850 registrations – up 75% year-over-year, while Kangoo Z.E., in second spot, barely exceeded 250.

With a 3,000+ monthly results, Renault should cross the all-time, 100,000 all-electric car sales mark (full size, excluding Twizy) in March or April. An impressive showing for really a Europe-only brand.

Source: Inside EVs

Right-hand Drive Tesla Model 3 Arriving In UK In Summer 2018

While plugged-in Americans are getting ready for the Tesla Model 3 to arrive later this year, EV fans in the UK just learned that they’ll have to wait a bit longer to drive their lower-cost electric vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk just Tweeted that, even thought the team is working as fast as they can, the right-hand-drive Model 3 will not be available until the summer of 2018.

The delayed release of past right-hand-drive Tesla vehicles, while understandable, was a point of frustration for Model S and Model X buyers

(one forum poster snarkily said that

“Elon will land on Mars before the RHD X arrives “).

The wait for the Model 3, though, will be much shorter than the two years that buyers had to wait to get their first RHD Model S EVs in the UK. The Model S launched in the summer of 2012 in the US, but the first UK Model S EVs were not delivered until June of 2014. So, if nothing else, a delay of 7-9 months, depending on when the Model 3 is actually released in the US, shows how far Tesla has come with its production process in the last few years.

Tesla Model 3

Musk also said on Twitter that early Model 3 builds – the ones made for the first 6-9 month – will only be rear-wheel-drive, similar to how Tesla made the first Model S EVs. After a half-year or three-quarters of a year, Musk said, Tesla will begin to offer up AWD or dual-motor versions. Just like with the RHD options, Musk said that the AWD Model 3 will arrive

“as soon as we can make it.”

Sounds like the workers will be busy in Fremont.

Source: Inside EV’s