Nissan Leaf vs Renault Zoe: which electric vehicle is best?

They are two of the most affordable EVs around, but which is best for you?


Electric vehicles are now a viable alternative to their diesel- and petrol-powered counterparts. Offering low running costs, sophisticated travelling and a range long enough for most journeys, they are – rightly – more popular than ever.

The statistics back up this surge in popularity. The UK’s Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders claims 512 electric vehicles were sold in the first month of this year, which has a lot to do with the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe. Based on affordable city-runners like the Nissan Micra and Renault Clio, both cars bring all the benefits of electric power to a tried-and-tested platform. The result? Electric power for the masses – and at a very reasonable price.

But which EV is best for you? We analyse the key aspects of each car, from the running costs and performance to the technology inside, to find out which provides the most seamless, cost-effective crossover from a traditional car.

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