Poll — Majority Of British Want Global Action On Climate Change

A new Populus survey conducted in the UK has found that 73% of people want world leaders to agree on a global deal to tackle climate change, while 66% want action now.

What does the UK public think about climate change? (Image: Crown Copyright)

What does the UK public think about climate change? (Image: Crown Copyright)

The DECC’s Edward Davey and Amber Rudd said:

“The survey reveals an appetite for action on climate change by the UK public, with only 20% agreeing that it can wait a few years.”

Unsurprisingly, however, only 40% of respondents recognise the possible implications climate change will have on their own lifestyles.

The Populus poll, conducted in early November and covering 2000 people, sought answers on a number of climate change–related questions. The highlighted question asked respondents to agree or disagree with the statement, “World leaders must urgently agree a global deal to tackle climate change.” The net response of those agreeing came to 73%, combining 39% who agreed strongly and 35% who agreed slightly (which is better than a slight disagreement, I guess).

Ed Davey said:

“The science is clear. Climate change poses great risks to health, global food security and economic development – and unchecked will change every part of our lives. Without urgent action nowhere on earth will be left untouched.

“We are at a global turning point – never before have so many countries made clear their determination to act to tackle climate change. Those governments are backed by a groundswell of people who want to see action in their own countries and around the world.”

To tackle the issue in a different way, the DECC is taking to Twitter with other organisations such as the UN, Microsoft, and the Natural History Museum to answer a series of questions about the impact of climate change and what actions can be taken.

Amber Rudd said:

“In creating this global twitter relay we will help people to understand the possible impacts of climate change on day to day life as well demonstrate the level of government commitment for action.”

Source: Clean Technica

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